4-way Spherical Wave Horn System
Power supply: approx. 1 kW
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensitivity: up to 116 dB 1 W/m

A dream loudspeaker in the regal category.
Active version with eight completely symmetrical power amplifiers.
Studio norm. Component arrangement referenced to the room.

Logged monitoring to the individual listener’s position.

Only built to order.

Integration of available electronic components by agreement.


The power supply of a total 1 kW is completely situated at the rear of the bass and is fully separated from the amplifier. This means that only harmless electricity of ± 36 V emanates from that corner – but plenty of it. The powerful transformers have an additional shielding winding, to prevent capacitative charging. There is a large main on/off switch and a low-voltage relay switch for daily operation. This switches off the output stages, but keeps the crossover connected. The four amplifiers per side are now all together behind the deep mid-range horn – the best technical and acoustic position – and can be dismantled with four screws. The connection to the loudspeakers is extremely short and manufactured from pure silver. The completely symmetrical crossover is concealed in a closed area, but is easily accessible and can be dismantled with one screw for servicing purposes. Understandably, the most up to date and best components are used, such as mica capacitors for the signal path. All components are selected and paired for balanced right-left homogeneity. The main connections of the mid high-range unit are connected by eight M12 screws, in order to provide the entire unit with an optical and mechanical stability whilst still providing ease in disassembly.
The high-range horn is constructed from solid material, both mid-range and lower mid-range units are of filled sandwich construction, acoustically dead and provide constant resonance dissipation. The sensitivity of the drivers will probably continue to define the limits of what is technically achievable: for example 116 dB 1 W/m in the case of the mid-range and tweeters. In the lower mid-range horn there is a special 30 cm cone driver with a powerful magnet and in the bass a corresponding 46 cm driver.

The bass horn is mechanically so stable that even the most powerful impulses are not perceived by the cabinet. Nevertheless, the mid-high-range unit was mechanically separated from its base by a further stage.

The Orgon effortlessly demonstrates the tiniest variations in the acoustic chain. It has an unbelievable presence, even when listening quietly (very important) and is certainly bettered by no other system in terms of dynamics and power. It delivers a smooth and simple sound, just as one would want.

The Orgon is always individually matched to the spatial characteristics and/or to the customer’s wishes. Here there is a broad range of implementation possibilities, particularly when there is no corner available to accommodate the bass. The Orgon is fitted and calibrated anywhere in the world by the developer in person. Any exchange of components onsite is extremely simple and at the works there is a team of technicians that is constantly available. Further developments in future can, therefore, easily be retrofitted. According to all owners so far, the Orgon is a lifetime investment.

In terms of optical integration, the Orgon can be supplied in a pleasantly nostalgic antique ambiance; in modern rooms it sometimes gives the impression of a futuristic work of art. All forms of decoration or showmanship are dispensed with. Forms follows function and that is it.

When playing back very good recordings, it disappears as a locationally perceivable source of sound. Specialists are available where required, to deal with acoustically complicated rooms. The Orgon can be used spectacularly as a multi-channel system, but is also used with great success as a pure stereo system.

Orgon Datasheet as PDF

Orgon Construction sheet as PDF

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Now we come to the best sound of the show. The big Martion Orgon four way horn speaker is really something special. Electrostatic resolution with real life dynamics, give me more, please.


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