Active Horn
Horn-diameter : 54 cm
Frequency range : 350 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity : 118 dB / W / m !

Recommended combinations with Orgon-horn-bass
and other Bass solutions.

More than 40 years ago we were the first and only who
started to work with new calculations of the spherical horn.

A useful concept, as all “descendants” are showing us.

EINHORN is now the youngest result of this long development.
The difference is immense, even amateurs
and experts can hear it immediately.

Listening tells more than many words….
We invite you for a demonstration!!

Datasheet as PDF

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Now we come to the best sound of the show. The big Martion Orgon four way horn speaker is really something special. Electrostatic resolution with real life dynamics, give me more, please.


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