2-way Monitor with 15″/1″ Driver
set up as a stable phase point source
(concentric arrangement)

Power handling: 450 w
Sensitivity: 94/96 dB/1w/1m (crossover-dependent)
Frequency response: 50 Hz – 28 kHz
Impedance: 8Ω

Very clear and delicate acoustic pattern, virtually free from discolouration and also optimal for voice and music. Because of its universal areas of application, it is equally suited to operation with smaller thoroughbred valve amplifiers as well as being able to deliver unbelievably from large power amps.

The compact size (440 x 440 x 440 mm and 25 kg weight) makes it
easy to handle and simple to transport.

Surfaces are freely available and range from robust to deluxe. (Special veneers and surfaces are available at an additional charge.)

Internal or external crossover, active/passive transfer easily arranged with a Speakon plug.

The defined sound radiation makes it particularly suitable for smaller and ‘difficult’ rooms. In multi-channel or surround mode, it provides an unbelievably live experience. Recognised as having a good cost-efficiency ratio.

Compact two-way monitor of the highest performance category, spot beam source, very linear, plays the quietest passages magnificently from small valve amps, but can also be make its point clearly and persuasively with a large power amp. Particularly suitable for multi-channel operation.

Optional extras are side handles, high stand suspension, bar mounting, resonance-damping feet (also with castors), tweeter.

Datasheet as PDF

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Now we come to the best sound of the show. The big Martion Orgon four way horn speaker is really something special. Electrostatic resolution with real life dynamics, give me more, please.


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