• Retail Price: 80,000 DM

• Guarantee period: 5 years
• Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 80 x 130 x 70
• Weight: 140 kg each
• Cabinet finish: From marble through to stainless steel, anything is possible. Naturally, all wood finishes are available.
• Connection: Via symmetric XLR connection.
• Special feature: Each unit delivered is individually calibrated to the purchaser’s listening position.
• Technology: Active 4-way horn system with a folded corner horn as a woofer driver.
• Finish: Very good.

In very many respects, the Martion horn represents something special. The horns handle the optimal adjustment of the driven membranes’ output into the surrounding air and provide this principle with the typically associated very high sensitivity and outstanding dynamics. The real art is to compensate the colouration typical for horns, by means of appropriate shaping and the choice of materials. The constructors seem to have succeeded to a large extent, as measuring the frequency response at the listening position (fig. 1) shows a flat progression.

This has doubtless been supplemented by individual adjustment to the respective listeningposition. In addition to that, the completely active (hence no detailed test) Martion horn has a separate amplifier for each driver, including filters and numerous settings facilities – which is why the conventional laboratory measurements have not been featured. The corner horn alone, as bass provider, has 200 Watts at its disposal, which – thanks to its high sensitivity -enables the loudspeaker to deliver powerful sonic pressure, indeed all the way down to 20 Hertz. Cutting in from 150 Hertz, the more efficiently working low mid-range system manages to cope with a mere, as do the mid and high-range speakers, which respectively cover the ranges from 600 Hertz and 5.3 Kilohertz.


Driven by new high-resolution digital systems, the active Martion Horn system is the best loudspeaker of which we are aware.

Should analogue or – from the year 2000 –SACD material be defining the sound source, the Martion Orgon will arise to being one of the best speakers under the sun. Measured on its performance, the price of the active horn system should be justified.


Now we come to the best sound of the show. The big Martion Orgon four way horn speaker is really something special. Electrostatic resolution with real life dynamics, give me more, please.


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