Hello dear customers, dear friends and sound-lovers!

The High End Exhibition Show MUNICH 2018 is coming soon!
The fair will take place from Thursday 10th of May till Sunday 13st of May 2018.


Our demonstrations will held in the same building like last year

But follow a NEW way to the NEW location!

Martion Audiosysteme will have their demonstrations outside of the Exhibition Hall MOC,
on the other side of the street of Lilienthal Allee 35 behind the first building.


If you step out of the main exit of the Exhibition Hall MOC,
turn left and walk down the road approx. 60-70 meters,

cross the road to the right side and enter the 2nd gateway after the first building,
after few steps turn right and right again and enter the marked door!

A signboard will be there!

We are looking forward to meet there and
to welcome you as our guest!

See you soon!
Best regards

Rikta A. Schaden
und Heiner Basil Martion

Thank you!


Now we come to the best sound of the show. The big Martion Orgon four way horn speaker is really something special. Electrostatic resolution with real life dynamics, give me more, please.


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